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Default Re: Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT

Originally Posted by TheMan
Terms of the bet are...
I say Obama gets 300 plus electoral votes, Romney stays under 260, even if Romney gets, say 262 and doesn't win, I lose. That's how confident I am that Obama has it in the bag.

A one year ban here from Nov 6th 2012 to Nov 6th 2013 for the loser. I'm in, just need longhorn1234 to accept the terms.

Just to clarify.

There's 538 total electoral votes. If Obama gets 300, there's only 238 votes left and there's no way Romney can get to 260, so you only need one of those terms.

If Romney got 262. Obama could win with 276 electoral votes.

So since you're confident, let's take the most difficult scenario as the terms of the bet. Obama wins more than 299 electoral votes.
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