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Default Re: Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Romney did what he should've been doing all along. From the Charlotte Observer editorial:

This wasn't the 47 percent guy, stumbling from one gaffe into another. It wasn't the candidate who made independents uneasy by giving himself up to the extremes of his party. The Mitt Romney that debated Wednesday night was the nominee moderates in each party hoped for long ago. He won the debate in a rout.

Actually, I think was the Romney we've seen all along. As in the 47% tape, he was telling the audience what it wanted to hear. Did he really think everyone who doesn't pay federal income taxes is an Obama voter? Obama would be up by like 10-15 nationwide if that was true. On the tape that came out, he was quite a smooth talker who said was his audience wanted to hear and didn't let his facts get in the way.

That's what he did last night as well.

He claimed he has a lengthy plan to replace Obamacare. His plan is one page long.

He claimed that preexisting conditions will be covered under his plan. (Only if you have continuous coverage).

He claimed that kids could be on their parents health plan until age 26 because that's already the law. Yeah, the law that Obama fought for and the one you want to repeal.

He claimed he won't cut taxes on the rich. Well he has said he would cut tax rates across the board by 20% and eliminate the estate taxes. Sounds like the rich would do very well.

He claimed his tax plan would not cost 5 trillion dollars. However, the non partisan experts who have looked at his plan, say this will be the cost over the next decade.

He says he can make this up by eliminating loopholes and deductions (and that he won't raise taxes on the middle class). When the nonpartisan experts say: A. There's not enough loopholes and deductions paid only by the rich to make up for the $500 billion in tax cuts per year his plan.
B. To make up those cuts, you would have to go after deductions and credits used by the middle class.

He claims his plan is revenue neutral, however he's never actually given us the details of what his plan is. His plan is basically Trust Me, it will work out.

Romney's gaffes tend to come out when he is unsure of what to say to his audience. He was very well prepared and on message in this debate.
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