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Default Re: Jeremy Lin Becoming Vocal Leader Of Rockets

Originally Posted by niko
It was reported at the time he could have played (in the NY media) but that he was being kept away for his long term good. This is not sour grapes, this was Jeremy Lin loving media. He said himself he was 85%. That's been since twisted into 'he was 15% away from playing" which any rational person knows he was not saying.

What is the question here? Is it not "Jeremy Lin is becoming the leader of the Rockets?" It's not "is Jeremy Lin a good player" or "is he a good guy" or "does he have potential". The statement being made is HE IS BECOMING THE VOCAL LEADER OF THE ROCKETS. It's sounds like total BS to me that a day into camp Jeremy, who is softspoken and wasn't the vocal leader at all on the Knicks last year has morphed into that.

Are you telling me he's become the vocal leader of the Rockets? Why? How? Is your team that abysmal?

The NY media took the 85% and ran the wrong direction with it.

At the time, Lin says, he had been sleeping with an ice machine on every night and waking up early to restart it. He couldn't even touch the rim, much less defend. But the morning of Game 5, when asked about his status, he had publicly diagnosed himself at "85 percent" -- a comment he says has since been misunderstood. Lin was not 85 percent healthy, he says, but rather 15 percent away from the absolute minimum threshold to play. "People think it was easy for me to sit there and watch us lose, like I had nothing to do with the season," Lin said. "I was dying to play. I didn't miss a game due to injury in seven years until this past season, and people are acting like I wouldn't want to play in the playoffs? Of the NBA? In my first season?"
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