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Default Re: I think the Lakers were a tougher matchup with Bynum

Originally Posted by Kurosawa0
I actually agree against a team like the Thunder in terms of the one on one match up. Perkins guards Dwight very well and seemed to struggle a bit with Bynum. Plus they could conceivably get away with Ibaka on Howard for a few minutes.

The difference really is going to be Nash though. The Lakers didn't have a great playmaker for the bigs over the last few years. That should be huge.

To be honest Perkins being able to guard Dwight is one of the biggest myths in the NBA. He got that rep for one playoff series I believe but Dwight doesn't have his way with him any less than he does everybody else. He still has shot 56-60% whenever perk guarded him over the years and Nash is only going to make Dwight's life even easier.
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