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Default Re: Jeremy Lin Becoming Vocal Leader Of Rockets

Originally Posted by niko
No they didn't, he changed the meaning (spin) him and his people after he got criticism.

Let me put in this way, if you tell me in Decvember he's become the vocal leader of the Rockets i'll be skeptical but i'll listen to how he changed. A few days into training camp, it's bullshit media spin with people trying to pump him up.

You're going to believe what you want about this. That's clear. I can at least admit that I'm biased by taking Lin's word for it because he's a Rocket. My opinion on Lin hasn't changed at all. I still freely admit that I wanted to the Knicks to match that offer sheet. I'm sold on him as a player but I also haven't made up my mind about him like most seem to have. I believed him when he said his words were taken the wrong way before we ever offered him an offer sheet. I'm just openly defending him because he's a Rocket.

He's new to my team, so I'll give him a chance to prove myself rather than having my mind made about about a guy who hasn't even played a full season yet. He's shown that he does have some level of talent and intellect, and he's shown that he's a nice guy. This is a better situation for him to be a leader than New York was. He was resented by all of the egos in New York.
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