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Default Re: Jeremy Lin Becoming Vocal Leader Of Rockets

Originally Posted by fatboy11
You're going to believe what you want about this. That's clear. I can at least admit that I'm biased by taking Lin's word for it because he's a Rocket. My opinion on Lin hasn't changed at all. I still freely admit that I wanted to the Knicks to match that offer sheet. I'm sold on him as a player but I also haven't made up my mind about him like most seem to have. I believed him when he said his words were taken the wrong way before we ever offered him an offer sheet. I'm just openly defending him because he's a Rocket.

He's new to my team, so I'll give him a chance to prove myself rather than having my mind made about about a guy who hasn't even played a full season yet. He's shown that he does have some level of talent and intellect, and he's shown that he's a nice guy. This is a better situation for him to be a leader than New York was. He was resented by all of the egos in New York.
Nothing you say is wrong but it's a ridiculous assertion to me that someone whose personality is not to be vocal at all has become the vocal leader of his new team in what feels like a matter of minutes. It just is.

If a player you knew was one thing came to NY and after ZERO games i told you he was something totally opposite you'd call it out too.
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