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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
If you watch his ability to play you'd know he does belong in the NBA. But his life off the court requires some special needs. If the NBA is able to work with him (and I really hope they are) than he should be able to play. I'm pulling for the guy, mental health disorders are a challenge and people who have them could use potential role models and success stories like this guy could potentially provide. He is open about his problems, he knows what his needs are - as long as they are addressed he should be able to play.

Repped, couldn't agree more.

I find it bothering though that some fans are already giving him a hard time, saw some pretty disgusting comments on Twitter etc..

It's easy for us to judge the poor guy when we sit at home as fans..

He's only 21 years old and I can't imagine how much extreme pressure the guy has on his shoulders. I have never had any mental issues like that and I only played for the youth national team and in the swedish basketball league and I still remember how nervous I was before games and how some playoff games were messing me up completely even before the games started. And again, I have no mental issues and here we have this guy with a pretty severe anxiety disorder who plays in the NBA where his every move is going to be watched by million of fans..

I hope the Rockets try their best to help him out.

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