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Default Re: I think the Lakers were a tougher matchup with Bynum

Originally Posted by BlackVVaves

Also, a side-bar question to OP: In reference to your assessment of the height discrepancy between Bynum and Dwight, did you know that despite Bynum's 3 inch advantage on Dwight, Dwight has a higher reach than Bynum? In other words, when both players raise their arms to maximum length, Dwight is the taller player. This is also not considering Dwight's substantially higher vertical leap.

Essentially, Bynum is the taller player in pure measurement, but Dwight is the taller player when put into play. A player's standing reach is more important than a player's mere height, which I'm sure you know.
This is false; Bynum's standing reach is 9'4" and Howard's is 9'3.5".

Anyway, I wasn't just talking about height/reach, I meant sheer size/mass. Bynum takes up more space than any player since Shaq, completely closes down the lane. Howard doesn't do that. I've seen enough of DH to know, as an eastern conference fan.

Before, teams were at a real disadvantage against the Lakers' size. Now, for example, Dallas could throw out Dirk and Kaman and they match their size. Denver could throw out McGee and Mozgov and they match their size. And so on and so forth.
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