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Default Dwane Casey to allow rap music at start of practice

Little old, but thought it was cool...

An excerpt from Doug Smith’s Sports Blog:

Oh, great.

Rap music at practice? Please, tell me no.

That’s one of Dwane Casey’s ideas and while you have to give him credit for being NBA-innovative, I’m sure hoping he sticks to his original plan and only allows it during stretching or the early part of practice, when the grunts are either sitting in the hall waiting or driving to some arena.

The idea comes from a visit he made for a couple days to the Seattle Seahawks training camp, kind of a professional development outing for him at his summer place.

Casey and the Seahawks punter are neighbours, Dwane was invited to spend a couple of days observing because he wanted to see how other teams in other sports do things — kind of a cool and smart idea — and he was surprised to see coach Pete Carroll allow blaring music during practice.

“Coach Carroll’s philosophy is these guys listen to music the minute they walk off the field anyway and it gets them going and it gets me going as a coach so that’s something we may look at as far as stretching . . . I don’t know if I can go the whole practice or not.”


Of course, it might not be music I’d like; or that Dwane would feel entirely comfortable with.

“I told DeMar and Ed to pick out some clean rap music . . . I’m kind of a country and western guy being from Kentucky but to pick out some good music where they can get loose to, whatever it takes.”

Not sure precisely how workable it is but any coach willing to give it a shot seems to be pretty open to change.

“I want to be innovative and try new things, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Casey also came away impressed with how an NFL staff handles its duties on a daily basis, saying they are way ahead of the curve compared to any other North American pro sports coach.

“What I’d like to do in future is take my staff and maybe spend a whole week . . . it was very rewarding for me and clarified what I’m teaching and how I try to teach and things that I do.

“I would recommend any coach . . . to go and watch an NFL practice and see how meticulous they are with technique, footwork, and how they really utilize the clock.”
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