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Default Re: Andrea Bargnani hopes summer rest pays off; Adds 15 lbs

Originally Posted by bokes15
I don't see how adding 15lbs is gonna make a difference unless he's gonna change his playing style and become more of a back to the basket player. Because I remember he added weight 2 or 3 seasons ago and his old habits resurfaced once we got into the heart of the season. Mental toughness and aggression isn't always about physical size.

I believe he was just trying to get stronger throughout his rehab, when adding the extra weight. I doubt he changes his style of play now, but remember the 2 or 3 season ago Bargs wasn't the Bargs of today. He was playing second fiddle to Bosh, playing a different position that required him to be stronger (center), and he was a player that needed the ball to make an impact on the game.

I do think he's still a player who requires a lot of touches, but he's definitely a more focused defender and he's taking more steps on trying to lead this team.
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