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Default Re: The 5 Best QB/WR Combos

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
So a real football forum is one where the consensus agrees with your opinion?? And its not really a weak argument. Being in the minor of a debate where its about a 7-1 ratio of people going against you it is pretty telling that you could be wrong. In this case I believe you are.

Even going by your rankings I would say its debatable that everyone after Green is interchangeable with Marshall sans Cruz, Bowe, and even Wallace.

And funny, you say only if your last name is Owens can you lead the league in drops and get away with it yet Roddy led the league in that stat just a couple seasons ago.

Roddy unlike Marshall actually produces. There's a difference. Everyone after Green isn't interchangeable, stop it. I'd really love to know why Marshall is better than anyone on the list because his production DEFINITELY isn't an argument. He gets force fed the ball and his production is mediocre. Marshall isn't better than Wallace, at all. Don't even try to make that argument because it'd be stupid. I have yet to see you make an argument for Marshall being a top 10 receiver besides "oh he is top ten just because." By the way, the guy who quoted me first said Marshall is top 6 which yes is laughable in every sense of the word. Dude isn't even close to top 6, top 10 would actually be somewhat debatable.
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