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Default Re: Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT

Originally Posted by Nanners
there is this hilarious cognitive dissonance that occurs when hardcore right wing middle americans support a guy like mitt romney. look at this guy, he is a slick ny businessman who harvests companies in middle america to enrich himself, he flip flops on literally every issue possible, he basically created obamacare, and on top of that he dodged the draft because he is in a cult. he also pays a lower tax rate than you pay, but you work in tire shop in oklahoma city. the right wing rush limbaugh and evangelical christian crowd has to pull off some serious mental gymnastics to get behind romney.

Yeah those suckers have been roped into havin principles, aye mate?

You work in a tire shop, he works in a office, you both should keep what you earn, rather than let the government waste it. What a bunch of bollocks! Taxes are lower on investment returns because those require risk. Important risk to innovation and economic growth. Evil bastards! Mate, the bloke in the tire shop can invest too. If he dont, it aint nobody elses fault. He could go to night school and learn investment strategies. Some folks do, and they improve themselves. Others spend it on a new truck, a pack of marb reds each day, season tickets to the local ball team. Thats also his prerogative. Thats called bein free, mate.

Fa ggots like tou who expect everyone to be able to make different choices, but then demand the same results and play the victim card when it dont happen, are NOT the kind of men America was built by. You belong in a male bathouse givin AIDS to Freddy Mercury mate. Youre just a neurotic hand wringin pansy. Thats all that is, mate. Plain and simple.

Give your mum a call mate and cry to her on the phone about mean ol Mitt who wont take care of you.

Fa ggot.

Cheers mate
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