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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
There is absolutely nothing to suggest he'll be a top 24 option going forward. You've yet to offer one logistical reason as to why he'll be a RB2. Being a starting RB in the NFL does not make you a top 24 option. The guy has two games where he score under 3 points.

Your proclamation that he's a RB2 was completely unfounded. Maybe if you had said he could be a flex play with RB2 upside it would be a slightly less retarded but stating that he's a top 24 option is downright silly. He's averaging 3.6 ypc, he has 0 TDs, he's in a putrid offense, has zero offensive line, major durability concerns, I could go on for ever.

You "betting" he outperforms "those guys" (who?) does not mean anything.

He's not a RB2 or anywhere close to it. He's going to do like 12 carries for 20 yards vs MIA, but somehow he'll be an RB2 after that? Newsflash an RB2 has more than 1 good games out of 4. Also his good game or when he "beasted" the Eagles wasn't that impressive,

Time will tell, can't wait to bump this. He'll either be completely ineffective or get hurt.

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