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Default Re: Iverson signing with Maccabi Haifa

He tried to stick with NBA teams - could not work because he can't play at the level. Not good enough.

He tried to stick with Besiktas, a Eurocup team (the level below Euroleague) - could not work because he can't play at that level. Not good enough.

Maccabi Haifa? Now that's more like the level he could play at.....Israeli League, one of the worst national leagues in the European basketball system, on one of the league's worst teams.

He can actually have success at that level IMO, and that particular club pays pretty well also. They pay some of their players like $600,000 a year in how the NBA counts salary. This would actually be a good move for Iverson, and the level of basketball, although quite low for European standards, is still higher than the level in China's basketball league.

Plus, there are a lot of Americans in that league and everyone speaks English.
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