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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Not sure why Im doing this, but I guess this is to stand up for a guy who I know first hand what he's going through. In saying that, I dont have the pressure of playing in the NBA, but Im telling you for real, this guy is one brave Mofo for even attempting to take on a career in the spotlight like he is. I have Social Disorder, Post Trauma, anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc etc. To explain what its like to have it, is incredibly fustrating at times and you wonder what its like for people around you who dont have to live with so much fear everyday. People around you just ask, what is wrong with this guy, is he weird or something? He looks normal to me, and has no reason to be afraid, why is he scared?

Everyday life is a challenge, I am fearful of so many things, that I forget what its like to be free and have fun. I can for the most part do the normal things like play basketball with my mates, small normal things everyone else does etc and I do have moments where I come out of it, like I can deal with my close group of friends, or one on one interaction. I avoid potential moments of embarassment, like ill avoid group parties, or social events(unless i get drunk) and I sure as hell couldn't public speak, so most of my interaction is with one or 2 people at a time.

I have a girlfriend that encourages me, and tries to push me through some smaller fears, however I am afraid of marrying her or going to a BBQ with her family and friends for example, as I am susceptable to a panic attack. I feel helpless that I cant do that for her, but at the same time I do understand the world does not understand these type of things-except for others who have the same condition.

Going back to what Royce White is facing, I couldnt imagine ever facing what he's about to face. But I take my hat off to the guy for at least trying. Being in the spotlight and public speaking, which he will have to do. What Id suggest would be 1 guy in the Rockets team to take him under his wing, and make him real welcome and be by his side, to face people and whatever he will have to do. I used sport as a way of feeling accepted, so I was able to play without fear of outside influences, as I was good at it. Unfortunately, that only works in that area for me, so I guess on court he will be fine, its when he comes off the court that he will feel the pressure.

Good Luck to you Royce, Im a fan of yours already
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