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Default Re: Dwight responds to Shaq's comments

Originally Posted by TheCalmInsanity
A lot of optimism here, let me present the dark side. I'm pretty sure Shaq's agenda is to get in Dwight's head, I'm sure the last thing Shaq wants to see is Dwight do well in his former shoes

I think he's trying to make Dwight realize that he's "replacing" Shaq as the new Lakers dominant center, and wants Dwight to back out of his territory. That's just how I see it.. If you guys want to keep being optimistic go ahead, this is no knock on you. Every penny has 2 sides right?


If Shaq doesnt respect you? this is what happens. He throws daggers until you win and shut him up. He obviously doesnt respect Howard's game.
Howard is a great defensive player, but him calling himself superman is lame when Shaq was already Superman.. Howard is like Superboy maybe

not trying to diss Howard. He is a great player, but he is hardly the player Shaq was.

I can see Howard didnt want this to become an issue if he came to LA
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