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Default Re: The Rockets are gonna be a shit show this year.

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I don't really get Morey's rationale. He's openly admitted it's all about getting a superstar, has tried to move mountains to make it happen. Props for that.

But then he goes and spends a bunch of cash on Lin and Asik, doesn't dump Martin (yet). He's talking out of both sides of his mouth. He wants a superstar but he's not willing to just liquidate everything and get up high enough into the lotto to do it. Winning 25 games gives you a helluva lot better chance to get a stud than "collecting young assets" and praying one becomes available via trade while you tread water towards 35 wins.

Kevin Martin's contract is expiring. They're $3Million under the cap and have $22.5Million coming off the books this year. How are they in anything other than an incredible situation? They have a bunch of guys who have team options, and can be brought back for small amounts. They have guys on rookie deals. Chandler Parsons is making under $1Million and is signed for 3 more years.

Asik is a center and what teams really want from their centers is defense and rebounding. He's going to give you that. If they want Howard, does anyone really think Asik is not only tradeable but has value?
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