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Default Re: Dwight Howard's Secret Baby Mama Hope Alexa Releases Workout Pics

Originally Posted by tomtucker
most men have enough dignity not to do stuff like this......and are not these bitches

People's morals are largely a product of there circumstances and opportunities.

Example. If your car gets broken into at a poor neighborhood and doesnt in a rich neighborhood, does this indicate that the rich community is more moral? Maybe, but there is a reason crime has a strong correlation to poverty and if you use common sense it becomes obvious. The rich person has would get less utility form petty crimes and thus is less likely to do it.

Example 2. The big strong kid on the playground bullies others to get his way. The weak skinny kid doesn't. This might indicate the non-bully is a better person, but we have no idea how he would act if he had different capabilities. This is why I dismiss a lot of European criticism of American hegemony. Obviously America is going to be more interventionist than Sweden, but when compared to other historical superstates America is comparatively benevolent.

I don't hold it against Hope Alexa that she made a decision that negatively affected her for 9 months and will provide benefits for at least 18 years. I think most humans would do so if the opportunity arose. Sitting here in my office working, while trying to achieve my goal of a CPA designation, I appreciate anyone who takes actions to better their lives.
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