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Default Re: Unemployment Drops Below 8%, Conservatives Cry Conspiracy

Originally Posted by JaggerCommaMick
It's amazing how when benefits reach their expiration date, suddenly people find work again.

^^ there's a fraction of the job postings on the Charlotte craigslist just TODAY.

The old "people cant find jobs, people are out of work" line is phony rhetoric. Unemployment numbers are high because unemployment benefits extend far too long. Numerous studies have shown that if they last 5 years, people find jobs after 4 years, 11 months. If they last 4 years, people find jobs after 3 years, 11 months.

It's extremely disengenuous for Democrats to pipe up about jobs/unemployment. They're the ones who want to encourage people to rely on government handouts rather than work. The proof is there, jobs ARE available. You can find lots and lots of craigslist job postings in EVERY city, mates! People are just coasting instead of working. Funny how the President they voted for has to take heat for their apathy. But that's what it's about. Lazy and selfish. Sure, they'll vote for Obama if he'll help them be lazy and selfish. But once he needs their help? Nah, they're gonna stay lazy and selfish.

Should I be concerned that Starface is checking out Charlotte's Craigslist?
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