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Default Re: Knickerbocker Media Day 2012

Originally Posted by NY-Knicks
Neither relies on speed regardless, Felton was out of shape the last time he was with the Knicks and that worked out fine. However, this team's success has a lot to do with Felton being able to distribute and give the Knicks some kind of backcourt action. Because right now the backcourt does not look like it is championship caliber.

Let's see if Felton can get rid of the D'Antoni-bred label.

Oh, and of course Amar'e needs to start playing like the All-NBA talent that we know he is.

I didnt think he was that outta shape with us. Furthermore, if the Heat can win with Chalmers and the Lakers with Fisher, having Felton is not that bad. I'm more concerned with our 2 guard situation. But you're right, Felton doesn't rely on speed that much. I always thought it was much ado about nothing. He was outta shape last year, he admitted it without making excuses. He acknowledged and immediately tackled the problem and also explained why it happened. People need to let it go. He isn't Oliver Miller or Eddy Curry with a habitual weight problem.
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