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Default new Flopping rules with go the way of synthetic ball

I don't see how the players union could let this possibly pass. you cant do something where the language is like this in the rule. you could call a flop on almost anybody every game.

Someone bumps arms going up for a shot in the paint, everybody flails their arms in the sky and screams. everybody does that. by rule you can say its a flop. the rule is too dangerous for players. D Rose goes up for a twisting lay up gets contact and he yells "ahhhh" and then falls to the floor. The refs can easily say that the scream was acting and that he didn't have to fall on the floor but only did because he was trying to sell a call, which is not allowed by the new rules. there would be countless scenarios where offensive and defensive flopping could be called. does throwing your head back or even turning it make it a flop if you grunt at the same time? how will they know if it's fake or mostly a natural reaction? bracing yourself for a hit, after all these years of being told by refs to fall back, now you want to fine them for that and determine if the fall was natural or not? not gonna happen. countless scenarios where you can see the rule ready to fail.

i don't see the rule sticking at all. it'll have to be rewritten or just trashed completely. players would appeal individual calls, some would win. it'd be a mess, there would be too much video proof of other calls that could or could not have been called a flop. why is this a flop but this one isn't? they'll realize they won't be able to make the rule consistent enough.

you want to make the refs LESS a part of the game? play like it's the late 80's early 90's.
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