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Default Re: Unemployment Drops Below 8%, Conservatives Cry Conspiracy

Originally Posted by JaggerCommaMick
Sadly, you're right. That's what partisan politics does, mates. You remember how gleefully Democrats toted the death toll numbers in Iraq when George Bush was President. If the number of dead soldiers dipped, Democrats pouted and brought up "well, that doesnt even compare to how many civilians are getting killed!"

Democrats were so invested in partisanship that they were literally rooting for innocent people to die, in order to blame it on George Bush.

Pretty sad all around, mate. But that's what you get when you've got idiots like kevinyc and godzuki, who are more invested in a party than a country.

you've been wrong on pretty much every major decision a President has had to make in recent memory, and that goes for almost every Republican or Independent here. Whether its you voting for Bush saying the same things you are now, reelecting him spouting the same garbage, not wanting to bailout and let our automotive sectors go bankrupt with massive job losses when we're already sinking into a deep recession, or not raising the debt ceiling ruining America's credit rating. and all you people do is blame it on Democrats when the stuff you're pushing has been wrong EVERY time with EVERY major decision.

none of you ever own up to shit, you just deflect it on to Democrats, and its funny how you pretend to reinvent the Bush years as being not so bad compared to Obama when he was f'in awful. Wait another 20 years before you try to brainwash people with that nonsense since it wasn't even that long ago. its unbelievable to me how people think we should be fully recovered right now considering how low we were when Obama took office, but thats the right wing spin machine where it somehow becomes a unrealistic expectation/criticism
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