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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
- cot damn...why do the Jordan Mouskateer's get all butthurt when anyone compares or says someone is better?

- I was replying to the silly post above me....Jordan is one of the greatest ever..."by acclamation ( majority opinion)" he is the greatest...but that's the only criteria someone could use......not a bunch of hypothetical "what if's"...or other made up stats......that's all I was saying.

- and once personal alltime lists....does not include players I never watched ( live or followed)...only an idiot would try to rank players they never watched or followed closely.

I never watched Wilt , Russell , Oscar or West...trying to act like I know if they are better then _______ or __________ is silly..( just as I was trying to explain about the post above mine....Poster was trying to use silly criteria to justifyu MJ as bestest)

- From the players I did watch since the early 80's...he probably is Number 1...I could easily see why someone would put Magic ahead of him ( Magic simply impacted his teams more)...

and I don't think one could place Kobe above Jordan yet...but both are very similar players with very similar results...

Butthurt? What about my post implies I was offended by anything you said? I was simply curious about where he fell on your all-time ranking, taking into account various things you've said before. Why do you automatically go on the defensive? Fukk, didn't I say 'out of genuine interest'?

For the record, while I personally think Jordan is the best I've seen, I'm not one of those who thinks he's several cuts above guys like Magic, Bird, Kareem, etc. To me they're on the same plane. I don't look at Jordan as being in his own tier of greatness beyond those guys.

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