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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

This is the thing that people do not realize.... Jordan had the complete package, both mental and physical.

On one hand, we have Kobe... who has Jordan's killer mentality, he wanted to kill his opponents and had the balls to put everything on his shoulders, basically go down shooting with no fear of failure. But he was never as physically gifted as Jordan, I'm not saying head to head... but in respect to their peers and eras. Jordan was probably quicker, jump higher, stronger, and bigger hands, etc. This is Kobe's limitation... he always tries to achieve more than he is capable off, hence the lower efficiency.

On the other hand we have Lebron, who is physical freak. I would say more of a freak than Jordan when he first came into the league. But what Lebron lacks is the all in the head... he has this fear of failure, it could be from the product of the world's expectations, but he genuinely cares to much about his perception, like getting the tape confiscated when he got dunked on? Are you kidding me, Jordan would of wanted to kill that guy instead of trying to hide the evidence. That might be the difference between old school and new school mentality... Basically the only thing that can stop Lebron from achieving GOAT status is himself, and usually that is the hardest to overcome. He already ruined himself in my eyes and many others by jumping ship in Cleveland. Tell yourself whatever you want, but that is a HUGE failure in my eyes... joining forces with other top players from your ERA, that is something someone as competitive as Jordan would NEVER DO.

My point is, when it comes to the OVERALL package... Jordan is untouchable..
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