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Default Re: A professional boxer just came out of the closet..

Originally Posted by kentatm
his first comment on another celeb reaching out to the guy was about them wanting to bang.

he admitted he doesnt have a problem with gays unless they hit on him.

he either really does hate them or is gay and hates himself and is scared if he gets hit on he will succumb to his inner urges.

otherwise, why would he give two shits if somebody found him attractive enough to approach? That's big time insecurity man.

On the first point, that's just juvenile humor that plenty of guys take part of.

On the second point, that's also a way a lot of guys think as well so does that make them all gay or self loathing? You're claim that just saying no and they go away just isn't true. I've seen plenty of straight guys get continually hit on by someone gay after saying no multiple times. Its just like some guys when trying to hit on girls, one no isn't enough sometimes.
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