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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

He also won his first title without an all-star teammate.

There's nothing to rebut about the Kobe statements and nobody with their head on straight think Kobe > Jordan...

But what's this about ? Yeah, Pippen wasn't an all-star that year. Doesn't mean he was any less of a player, nor does it mean he wasn't an all-star talent.

Pippen was better in 1991 than he was 1990, when he did make the all-star team. And the numbers back that up too. Besides, he could have been replaced on the team instead of Hersey Hawkins that year too when Bird got injured.

Also, clearly stepped his game more in the playoffs in 1991, puts up 22/9/6/2.5/1 on 50%. That's also better than Pippen's 1990 playoff run. So really, what if he didn't make the all-star team that year ? Doesn't make his contributions any less and doesn't make Pippen any less of a player.

I know your trying to get at the Kobe stans, but that point is way off when not looked into context.
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