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Default Re: Dwight Howard's Secret Baby Mama Hope Alexa Releases Workout Pics

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
Wow that thread turned into a trainwreck pretty fast

The pathetic trolling b***h(rrr3) got trolled hardcore, finally got exactly what he(rrr3) deserved. A cold, hard, raw taste of his(rr3) own medicine. The best part for me, is when he(rrr3) realized he(rrr3) spent the last 10 months, backing himself into a corner. Then desperately tried to get me to post a pic of myself, in order to bail his lyin' dumb a** out. Yeah...that'll happen

To make it even more comical, instead of just admitting he(rrr3) LIED for the last 10 months, he(rrr3) throws a HUGE b***h fit, and runs away to go hide for 2 days

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