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Default Re: Dwight responds to Shaq's comments

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
you sound dumb as sh*t

Nobody with a brain believes Howard will ever be MDE.

Shaq, Snaq, Aristotle, the guy who carried kobe to 3 of his five titles, Fatty Whatever you wanna call him...

he was better than Howard will ever be..

and I dont even know what WTF an "illy" is.. GFTO clown

you mean the most dominant....who watched Kobe carry the Lakers in the 4th quarters ( you know the most important part of the game...where snaq was a hinderance)...the most dominant who needed Kobe to close the games like Prime he wouldn't get merked like he did in 95'

Howard will be a much better overall player and actually help the Lakers for a longer more productive carer....

book it.

"illy" - wolf slang for illadelph
a basketball illiterate person from Philly

"I visited the wonder dey garbage..dey a bunch of illy's...."
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