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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by niko
The bus thing isn't a solution, it's a way to avoid facing the problem.

but he's still going to be flying to most games. he's just taking a bus in driveable situations. when someone is suffering from anxiety, you want to gradually expose them to their stressor/trigger, not immerse them with no escape.

i don't know if that will work but i can see how it's an early sensible plan. as he gets more used to flying, he should be able to ditch the bus. i'm guessing that's the end goal here. it'll be interesting how this unfolds or if he'll go MIA again later in the season.

as far as the college distance thing, i know he drove with his grandpa from ames to louisville for the tourney. that's like 650+ miles...
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