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Default Re: Kobe: It's my team

Originally Posted by shaq's--lakers,4166678.story

Damn Kobe Why are u falling in to The Media trap...

This can turn out to be a Awful season has a LAKER Fan

I hope it doesn't turn out to be like 04 Finals When Kobe was more worried about winning the Damn Finals MVP, Then the Championship
Shaq shot 63.1% for the series and was unguardable. Yet Kobe shot 29 more times, refusing to pass it to the insanely efficient Shaq despite shooting only 38.1% from the field including 4/23 from 3

Game 1: 10-27

Game 2: 14-27

Game 3: 4-13

Game 4: 8-25

Game 5: 7-21

Yes I expect an unbiased opinion from someone who's user name is Shaq's Lakers.
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