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Default Re: #57 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

I bet you just think he was a show-boater, right?

The people watching him thought he was a show boater. It was general opinion. Ive heard Pete himself say there were billboards put up saying "Why is a hotdog a dime in Philly but 2 million dollars in Atlanta?" by fans who didnt respect him.

Lets not act like the idea he was a flashy loser was invented now.

This is a guy who turned the ball over 4-5 times a game while not even being much of a playmaker and whos greatest accomplishment is scoring 40 a game in college coached by his dad while missing the NCAA tournament and even losing in the NIT.

Pistol pete was called a loser showoff in college and the NBA. That isnt my opinion. You can watch the same videos I did and see his GM from the Hawks say they wanted to trade him and nobody wanted him until the LSU market got its own team and needed to sell tickets.

Pistol Pete was an immense talent.

He also won nothing even when he had 2-3 stars with him who had won before he got there....was generally seen as a joke.....and only had like 6 healthy seasons. He took 38 shots a game to score 44 in college and 28 a game to score 31 in the NBA. Ive read from people I know saw more of him than either of us that he didnt pass except to get an assist(getting 4-5 assists a game on a team that scores like 115 makes me believe it could be true)....and that he was the worst defender in the 40 years he was involved with the game.

Pistol Petes is not the career I would wish on my son. I might wish he had Petes talent. But a lot of people had talent something done with it.

Pete belongs with the Tmacs, Pennys, Hills, and so on as talents. He just didnt do much. College or NBA. he did not do much worth remembering. He just did what he did with such style its going be remembered anyway.

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