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Default Re: Minimum Skill Enumeration ('MinSkE')?

Originally Posted by fpliii
So I've been thinking recently about the best way to describe the non-quantifiable parts of a players game, and was just playing around in R (statistical software suite) with decision trees working with some categorical stats. I got the idea after playing around with some libraries that we could attempt to classify players by certain 'skills' they possess. Now this might not sound like anything purposeful or exciting, but hear me out.

If you want to completely describe a player's game, which skills would you have to mention? With enough collaboration, if we reach a consensus list, we could deduce a minimal skill profile (which I've dubbed as a player's 'MinSkE' in the title). For example, say three people discuss Kobe, and have the following lists:

A: clutch shooting, durability, ball handling, volume scoring
B: volume scoring, leadership, durability
C: leadership, clutch shooting, volume scoring, shut down perimeter man defender, durability

in this case, Kobe's MinSkE would be: volume scoring, durability since all three appear on each list (note: this isn't my belief, these are just examples). Now in general the skills won't appear on every list, since there will be a much larger sample of contributors than three guys. Note that they also don't have to be positive, there can be flaws as well...remember, the objective is to completely describe a player's game using as few skills/flaws as possible.

This might be a useful way to describe the non-quantifiable aspects of a guy's game, so in order to store the data, I'm going to create a spreadsheet after we have some input. Feel free to start with any players you want.

With all the agendas running rampant on this site I would imagine that the MinSkE for the more polarizing players will wind up uncharacteristically small or even empty.

Is the ultimate goal to simply assign players a list of non-quantifiable abilities, or to actually go about trying to measure those abilities in a quantifiable manner?
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