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Default Re: new Flopping rules with go the way of synthetic ball

Originally Posted by NumberSix
I think this rule is targeted more towards FAKING contact than selling contact.

Maybe you didn't see the league's exact wording. Selling a foul is a flop too. I know people here are bashing Lebron CP3 Griffin and whoever else for what they call flopping, but everybody is guilty under the word of the league. Actally Kobe is major violator under the way the league wants to call it. Flailing your arms and screaming is a fine any time they want to call it a flop by their definition.

There is no way the rule will stick.

That's the one drawback about the continuation rule. If you know you have a diffucult shot attempt and you sell the foul, you are helping your team greatly. You get a free shot at the hoop and a chance for 3.
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