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Default Re: Dwight Howard's Secret Baby Mama Hope Alexa Releases Workout Pics

Originally Posted by Rowe
Because he only has 1 child.

If he had multiple children not only would there be documentation legally to establish paternity, but for child support. With the way he fought so hard for custody for his son with Royce Reed, why would he not acknowledge the existence of these other children? Use your brains.

People berated this woman in the OP so much she deleted her Twitter as soon as this story of rumors came out. It's almost ridiculous. BSO even called the article they made about it as a "rumor" because if they didn't Dwight's legal team would have sued them for libel.

BSO has never been sued to my knowledge nor has any denied the story.

I am pretty sure if it was a lie, Dwight who sues the mother of his child weekly would have sued them too.

Doesn't say anything about a rumor in the post.
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