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Default Why Won't They Just Say It Was a Suicide?

Ivy League business consultant falls 30 stories to her death in NY apartment building

A 28-year-old Ivy League-educated business consultant has fallen to her death from a luxury New York apartment building.
Stephanie Becker died after plummeting 30 stories from the roof of the building in the city's exclusive Chelsea neighbourhood.
Ms Becker, who worked for IBM and had a degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from New York Stern - fell to her death yesterday morning, according to the police.
She fell from the roof of 55 West 26th Street at about 8:15 am, but did not leave a note before her fall, according to the police.
Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, Ms Becker worked as a strategy consultant for the software firm, and was active within the Jewish community.
Her Facebook page reveals a popular young woman who travelled the world.
Her photographs show that she has traveled across the globe, taking trips to Singapore, and traveling to Israel on Jewish program Birthright.
Ms Becker attended Westhill High School in Stamford, before going to college and then joining IBM in July 2006.
She earned her MBA while employed with the firm, according to the New York Post.
Ms Becker posted a message on Facebook saying: 'I chew gum louder than you talk. But don’t ask me to quiet down. I am NO negative nancy (sic). I roll with the punches.'
She also listed some of her favourite quotations on the site, which included the phrase, 'Cute Citayyyyyyy.'
Ms Becker volunteered to help Jewish students at the University of Pennsylvania and other universities, according the Post.
At work, she was experienced with advertising within video games, and even helped write a piece appearing in AdWeek in 2008.
Friends and family described her as sweet and friendly. Rabbi Menachem Schmidt, who works as the director of Lubavich House at the University of Pennsylvania, said she was a ‘wonderful’ and ‘happy.’
The Chabad on Campus president also told the Jewish Daily Forward that she was a ‘beloved friend to many,’ and that the two of them had spoken within the week.
Rabbi Schmidt also added that she went on a Birthright trip. He called her a ‘social linchpin, somebody that everybody knew and related to.’
He continued: ‘It is really, really hard to understand this. I feel sick, we all cared for her very much and I want people to remember her positively.’

If you click the link, the text below one of her pics announces how many FB friends she had, as though the amount of friends one has on FB automatically makes one popular and normal.

The article pretty much describes a suicide, but does not state that it was a suicide. WTF?
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