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Default Re: Student, 17, tells 911 dispatcher that he shot dead his mother and 15-year-old sister

Originally Posted by ihoopallday
Since it's capital murder, he'll be getting the death penalty with no possibility of parole. Plus there's no way he can plead insanity after confirming with the 911 dispatcher how he'd been planning on killing people. Why not just put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. These cowards always have to take innocent lives
It can still be insanity. Just not a crime of Temporary Insanity or a Crime of Passion. Its clearly premeditated murder. But a lot of insane acts are premeditated.

If they were to act considerately then they would be rational and sane. There is no sane logic in killing other people because they are a nuisance. He wouldn't kill himself because its all about him, he's incapable of giving importance to anything but himself. The worst type of insane people. They will justify anything if it suits their purpose.
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