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Default Re: #58 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
Because people considered better and actually being better is two completely different things.

CP3 had a better peak and had just as good of a career as Iverson did, not to mention CP3 is very portable while Iverson isn't. Iverson needs specific requirements to succeed, CP3 doesn't and same with Pierce.
Wow Iverson is underrated on this site. You're a little younger than me, so you probably don't remember when AI won the league MVP and later that year leading the 6ers to the NBA Finals vs. Shaq/Kobe Lakers.

You must not remember when prime AI was considered better than Kobe and was a perennial All-NBA 1st teamer and prime Pierce was a perennial All-NBA 3rd teamer.

What does very portable mean, Andre Miller can adapt to any team well is he better than AI also?

CP3 hasn't done half of what Iverson has, which is because he's been in the league half as long as Iverson has. Of course he has a shot to surpass him, but a guy in his 7th season (not named LeBron James) has not passed Allen Iverson.
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