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Default Re: Romney Surges Ahead in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia

Be careful of your Willard bravado. He is peaking a bit too early. I would bet a pound note that there is a lot more dirt on him that is being kept for the stretch run. We still don't know about the tax returns, the left still hasn't trumpeted the flip flopping he's done, there is still the 27 lies in 38 minutes in debate one that can be used against him, and Lord knows how many more videos there are of him throwing red meat to the nastiest of the right.

I think Joe Biden is gonna go mental during his debate, he seems like a willing fall guy and will bring a lot of the BS to light.

Willard did well, but there is a lot more game to play. Its kind of like when the Bills got up 21-7 against the Patriots last week, shit can go pear shaped fast. Maybe it is going south for Obama? But I am guessing there is a lot more game to play.
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