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Default Re: #58 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Probably, he did peak higher and they peaked about the same amount of time with Iverson being better. Iverson was crossing over Jordan while Pierce was still at Kansas. Iverson was still relevant until what 08, when Boston won the title. So that's about the same time as Pierce had.
After the 2001 season, I don't think Iverson was ever better than Pierce.

Iverson always took really dumb/bad shots in his career. There is a reason why the 76ers didn't miss a beat when they traded him away to Denver and there is a reason why the Nuggets got even better when they traded him to Detroit.

Volume scorers can break a team as well which is why most teams don't falter too bad when volume scorers have to sit out games.

Other than AI not being "portable" I still see no reason how Pierce is like ten spots above Iverson?
Not as good of an all-around player as Pierce was either and Pierce has more star longevity than Iverson did.

It's only 8 spots by the way.
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