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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

I think we might be headed towards an Alabama/Oregon national championship. Lots of football left to be played, though. The SEC just seems to be down right now, and the West may be worse than the East again. I don't see anyone in the West that can beat Alabama and they don't have to play South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. I guess they'll have to play South Carolina or Florida in the SECCG, but I still think Alabama is better than both.

I'm just not sure there's a defense in the Pac-12 that can slow Oregon down enough to allow their offense to outscore them. They still have to go to USC and Oregon State, though, and get Stanford at home, so an undefeated regular season isn't a guarantee. I just think the only way another Pac-12 team can beat them is if they win a 45-42 type shootout and I think the only Pac-12 offense with the talent to do that is USC. They may give up their 30-35 points but, even on a bad day, a Chip Kelly offense is going to get their 40+.
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