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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

in a playoff system, we'd likely get oregon vs. WVU as a +1 game. winner takes on bama. BCS (bull crap system) will just have us debate it and use a coach's poll instead of having it play out on the field.

don't forget...SC could be in the top 3 after tonight's dominating win. ready for an all-SEC championship again? lulz

btw, so glad i didn't trash talk a yt video of a gator earlier. i was going to tell him i liked that they won so it will be that much better when fsu beats them. cut to a couple hours later...yeeahhhh. still hoping to spoil them...

came across this as well: Notre Dame has not trailed in any of the 300 minutes it has played this season. Also, 3 "best" teams it played did not score a TD

ND is BCS bowl bound this year fellas. they don't dominate but they do all the right things to win.

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