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Default Re: Bledsoe = Mini Lebron

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I think both teams are the best benches in the NBA and this game may be preseason but it doesn't mean the teams didn't play hard. Neither of these benches had trouble having a slugfest this game and if anything both benches will IMPROVE come regular season time after everybody plays into shape.

The sooner you stop focusing in on the Clippers not being one of the deepest or deepest team in the NBA, the sooner you can focus on if your team can even get that 8 seed.

I never said they weren't one of the deepest. I said they weren't the deepest and they have some huge question marks and a roster that isn't very balanced. As far as the Jazz go they are certainly much improved but it might not be enough to make the playoffs again in the west as long as Al is there holding them back at both ends. I bet he kills it in their pre-season opener though!
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