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Default NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

I can't be the only one that spends the vast majority of their 2k-time running Associations, either short- or long-term.... so lets have a thread dedicated to sharing their past/current associations, plans for future associations, or simply general discussion on what I consider to be the most valuable and replayable feature of the NBA 2k series.


I chose the T-Wolves to be my first Association team of NBA 2k13, due to their established pieces, cap flexibility, and personal rooting interest because of hailing from Minnesota myself.

Early moves:

- Drop J.J. Barea's $5+ million contract in a salary dump with Portland for a future 2nd rounder

- Decided to trade Kirilenko and his $20mil/2 year contract for a future 2nd rounder.... and sign Terrence Williams to a roughly 4-year $20 million. Basically swapped out for a younger player at half the cost with more potential.

- Signed Sherron Collins as a 3rd point guard for 4 years $4.6 million.... I did this in pretty much every association in 2k12. He's young, fits the role, and is pretty decent when you get him on the court in limited minutes.

- Signed Anthony Tolliver as a 5th big for one-year, $650k. Again, solid bench player that is decently playable in the game.

PG: Ricky Rubio - Luke Ridnour - Sherron Collins
SG: Brandon Roy - Malcom Lee
SF: Terrence Williams - Chase Budinger - Dante Cunningham
PF: Kevin Love - Derrick Williams
C: Nikola Pekovic - Greg Stiemsma - Desagna Diop

Moving forward I will be developing Rubio's shooting, Malcom Lee's offensive game, and the overall games of Terrence Williams and Derrick Williams.

By the end of the season, I will likely trade Pekovic so as to not have to break the bank extending his contract and to possibly lose him in unrestricted free agency next summer. I also might trade Roy while his value is high for either a 1st rounder or a young big... as long as T-Will can move to SG and D-Will can enter the starting lineup as a SF.
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