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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

we ****ing suck. nothing has changed. it was all self inflicted wounds in the first half. our first mistake was burning fullers redshirt on a damn lateral pass that ended up in our first turnover. then we ran into our own punt returner while he was going to catch the ball, and it was really all down hill from there. shitty play calling by mazzone in the second half. cal has the worst run d in the pac? we have the leading rusher in the pac? let's throw the ball all game!

did i mention our senior CB's(hester and price) might be the worst ever? like in the history of the sport? this isn't just this game they have been terrible in every game. please play someone else. we made maynard look like a first round pick.

anyways looks like we've reverted back into the bruins of the past 10 years. or maybe nothing has changed and we were getting lucky. doubt we'll win another game this season. regardless, i'm on suicide watch. thank god my wife is a psychologist and can 5150 me.
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