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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

From the trib:
Kanter made headlines for his massive weight loss and new body heading into training camp. His frame, now down to 240 pounds, also raised questions about his strength on the interior and ability to bang in the paint.

He put some of those questions to rest on Saturday. Kanter posted up and made shots. He showed much more lift and explosion than he had during his rookie season. He ran the floor for easy dunks, lending validity to the rumors of him standing out during training camp this week.

"Heís really getting up and down the floor and heís added athleticism," Jazz coach Ty Corbin said. "The great thing is that he hasnít lost the power in his game with the weight heís lost. Heís looked really good during camp."

Kanterís role this season is likely to stay the same, or minimally increase at best, as he still plays behind Al Jefferson. It is clear, however, that the Jazz organization is encouraged with the progress heís made this summer.

While most of the headlines center around Kanter the goofball ó he conducted interviews in a skimpy T-shirt to show off his muscles ó heís improved his game enough that the coaching staff is willing to deal with the side antics.

His jumper is smooth and his range extends to 18 feet. His added athleticism allowed him to block a Kevin Murphy shot, which ignited a fast break. And his strength of last season, his rebounding, is still prevalent.

"I feel much more comfortable than I did last year," Kanter said. "Iím more comfortable with the language. I feel like I can contribute much more than I did last season."

More lift and explosion, running the floor for dunks, 18 foot jumpers I don't see how they can keep Al around and say he's not going to get more time than last year. There were times last year when he was out playing Favors and I'm sure that will be the case again despite all the love Favors get as the second coming. Other than help defense I'm not convinced Favors is going to be the better player myself and I know they are better off without Al holding them back at both ends with his plodding style of play.
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