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Default Re: Romney Surges Ahead in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia

Originally Posted by TheMan

Rass and WAA traditionally over sample the GOP, no news there, we all knew Mitt was gonna get a bump in his favor following Obama's MIA performance, is it a game changer? Uh, no. Friday's positive jobs report along with some good economic indicators (car sales up, house sales up, Wall Street booming) will counter Romney's bounce, check the polls around mid week html

Remember, Romney needs almost a clean sweep of the battleground states, Obama needs just a few to get to 270. If you tally up all the states that are leaning/likely/solid for Obama, he's at 251 while Romney is at 181, that means Obama needs 19 ECVs out of the remaining 8 states that total 106 electoral votes while Mittens needs 89 of those 106. To make it more simple for you, Obama just needs FL and it's over. Any Republican strategist will tell you they would rather be in the position the Dems are rather than where they are at. Much much easier path to the WH...

Take a deep breath homie, Romney still gonna lose
This. is what people don't realize when they are relying on these polls. The only thing that matters in the EC and winning as many as the big, important states as possible. Romney as you said still has a lot of work to do and to me it's too late. One debate is not going to make up for months of campaigning where he failed to make an impression on voters. These Romney voters couldn't wait to go to these bogus polls and puff their chest out. It's too late.
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