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Default Re: Who's game is the most aesthetically pleasing?

I agree that Tim Duncan's game is beautiful in the classical sense of the word. No movement is wasted. It's like watching the Parthenon. The polar opposite of Dirk, who's more like a weird contemporary art piece.

Nash has an incredibly fluid, aesthetically pleasing game, like Rubio (though Rubio's shot looks horrible).
Derrick Rose is the ultimate "wish fulfillment" player. You watch him and wish you were able to do what he does.

Then you have pretty much the entire former Celtics Big 4 - Rondo for the moves, Pierce for the footwork, Allen for the way he moves without the ball, Garnett for the sense of purpose in everything he does.

Ginobili, Scola.
KD and Tmac for the smooth effortlessness.

Lots of different styles that work for me.
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