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Default Re: Anthony Davis Using Steroids??

Originally Posted by MaxFly
This is largely recognized as a Fox News tactic. Examples:

"Terrorist Fist Bump?"

"President Obama a Muslim?"

"Doctored Birth Certificate?"

It not so surreptitiously introduces an accusation in the form of a question and gets people talking about the possibilities of something that would otherwise be dismissed. Some people will view it as an accusation that may have some credence, some will view it as a question that deserves discussion, and the rest of us will view it as a charge with a question mark at the end meant to make it look like an actual discussion point.

This is no attack on you... this is just how discourse has evolved over the last 20 years.

Fair enough I should have worded it in a better way to portray what I meant. I suspect some kind of performance enhancements... but should have included other possibilities rather than roids. I guess I naturally am controversial
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