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Default Re: Romney Surges Ahead in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia

Originally Posted by Duderonomy
Here we go again Think of America as a business, which it is. Obama is a liberal professor with no business expertise, you can't tell me you would pick Obama over Romney to run your business.
So... Will Romney sell off all of our resources, give bonuses to all of those with power and drive the country into the ground, leaving it in bankruptcy loaded down with debt?

There is a reason Romney wants nothing to do with specifics when it comes to his business career. He was wildly successful. The people working for the corporations that Bain took over? Not so much, unless you were a CEO.

Note: I don't think his business career will play much of a role in the kind of president he is if he does gain office... But you are the one making that argument and I don't think it is one you really want to have.

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