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Default Re: Bo McCalebb (Euroleague's BEST PG) vs. Celtics Highlights 10-5-12

Originally Posted by Rooster
He should stay in Europe. He'll probably sit in the bench like what happened to Jeremy Pargo. At least in minor league scene like Europe he is a star.

First of all, they are different kinds of players. Pargo is big and he's incredibly athletic. I mean he's an absolute complete freak athletically.

He also was not a "star" in Euroleague. He was a good shooting guard (playing point guard) in his ability to score around the rim and penetrate and handle the ball. But he sure the hell was no star.

In fact, almost his whole offense came from being left open by the opposing defenses, because Schortsanitis was drawing triple teams in the low post on every possession.

When people here make these retarded comments about players without ever seeing them play, or being able to put it into context, it really shows what ****ing trolls and retards they are.

Pargo is bigger and way more athletic than McCalebb, but he does not have the same creativity offensively or the same ability to get his shot off.

Pargo is just a stereotypical NBA style point guard with big body and a good handle and low basketball IQ and skills. Although he is in the extreme upper tier of NBA athletic levels.

McCalebb is a different player from that. He's got a lot of natural scoring ability and the ability to create his own shots. He does not need his center to get triple teamed on every possession to get his offense and he's crazy efficient for a 6-0 (in shoes - yes that his measured height by NBA) tall guard.

He's very athletic, but not close to Pargo level in that way. The thing that REALLY makes him overrated though is that people totally ignore that he has almost zero point guard skills. He has a great handle, but beyond that nothing.

His passing is poor, he has no court vision, he does not create for others, he's just adequate at running an offense. He's totally a 6-0 shooting guard playing point guard, but with great quickness and scoring ability. Something similar to a guy like Aaron Brooks, only I think stronger and more aggressive.

But he's really totally lacking in any basic point guard skills other than dribbling, which he is great at.

Basically, he is the anti-Rubio. Great scoring and efficiency on offense and no point guard skills, the 180 opposite of Rubio.

Pargo is basically a freak athlete that benefited from playing with a center on Maccabi that was triple teamed on every possession.

So sorry to burst your bubble, but McCalebb is light years a better player than Pargo is.

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